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We have so much appreciation for our supportive customers who are helping to get this business off the ground! Here are some of the things they've had to say about their experiences with Posh Suds, LTD.

It was wonderful and I love the smell! I was a little concerned when I saw the glitter, was afraid I would come out with glitter all over my body which is not my thing, but it seemed to dissolve or something, none remained! Thanks so much Cyndi, it is truly marvelous and I couldn't suggest anything in the way of improvement.

Connie M.

The bar soaps from Posh Suds look and smell amazing! I love that there are many different designs and scents offered. Not only are the bars adorable, but the all-natural ingredients in these soaps leave my skin feeling fresh and moisturized - not dried out like most bar soaps. I would highly recommend trying out Posh Suds. Your skin will thank you!

Amy H.

I love the soap that you made!!! Your soaps are all so beautiful. I look forward to each new creation that you make!!! You are very talented in designing beautiful soaps and fragrances. They make such beautiful little gifts for your friends and family!!! May god bless your new venture!!!

Phyllis D.


Just used the Posh Suds "Orange Soda Pop" soap in my shower tonight---first of all, look how beautiful it is!!! It smells like an orange cream sherbet and washing with it left my skin so soft!! I love that the ingredients are all natural!! Can't wait to try more of Posh Suds creations! These will definitely be on my gift buying list!

Mindy H.

I agree with everyone's reviews. Not much I can add other than to say it lathers up good too.

Shari S.

Omg!!! You were a absolutely right on with this product!! I can’t stop touching my skin and feeling how soft it feels! Not greasy! The scent is PERFECT! Not too sweet but also clean and fresh!! Andy even loved it!! Just the right amount of apple, cinnamon, caramel and walnuts! 
A MUST have!! 👍👍💕

Chamomile Body Frosting

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